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The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB®), is the oldest and largest minority trade association in America. NAREB® was founded in 1947, on a philosophy that, even today, is a beacon of excellence for ever guiding and preparing its membership to meet the challenges of each new tomorrow.

Members of the NAREB® organization are referred to as a REALTIST®. Although comprised principally of African-American and other minority real estate professionals, the REALTIST® organization notwithstanding is an integrated entity open to qualified practitioners of all races who are interested in achieving the ideas of the REALTIST® theme, Democracy in Housing. REALTIST® have made substantial contributions to the cause of democracy by working to provide housing for all without limitations or restrictions.

They remain true to the dual mission of serving the underserved and developing creative and effective methods of rendering such service. In this respect, the REALTIST® have become the voice and conscience of the proponents of equal housing opportunities for all citizens.

This involves working on civic programs and in the political arena as well as in the business world. All of these facets are a part of the REALTIST® program throughout the nation.

NAREB® has ten major professional societies as affiliates that offer specialized training and recognized designations. These affiliates are: (1) The National Society of Real Estate Appraisers: (2) The Real Estate Management Brokers Institute: (3) The United Developers Council: (4) Commercial-Industrial Division: (5) Sales Associates Division: (6) The Women’s Council: (7) Construction Division: (8) Investment Division: (9) Homeowners Education Counseling Institute: (10) Young REALTIST® Division.

There are many brokers, salespersons, and affiliated organizations throughout the nation whose social consciousness and philosophies are consistent with those espoused by the REALTIST® organization in their quest for profitable real estate business predicated upon democratic ideals and principals. All such persons and firms are invited to become a part of the REALTIST® organization.

NAREB® will continue to pave the way for all citizens to be decently housed and to make the cities and states of this nation even better places in which to live.

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