Membership Agreement

I hereby apply for membership in Orange County Realtist Association, (“OC Realtist” or the “Association”) a chapter of NAREB (National Association of Real Estate Brokers) and CAREB (California Association of Real Estate Brokers) and I am enclosing the appropriate payment per the fee schedule towards my application fees for membership in the State, National and Local chapter of NAREB. I understand that my Membership is subject to the local board approval/election. The payment of the dues and application fee will be returned to me in the event I am elected to the Association.

In the event of my election, I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the OC Realtist, CAREB and NAREB, including the Duty to Arbitrate and the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Associations. If required, I further agree to satisfactorily complete a reasonable and non-discriminatory written examination on such Code, Constitutions, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. I further understand attached to membership in the Association, certain privileges and obligations exists which require compliance. Membership is final only upon approval by the Board of Directors and may be revoked at anytime in accordance with the Association’s Bylaws. I understand I will be required to complete periodic Code of Ethics training as specified in the Association’s Bylaws as a condition of membership.

I understand my membership automatically renews every year and cancellation must be done in writing to the Association 30 days prior to the next billing cycle. I understand that membership dues are subject to change without notice and a late fee charge of $25.00 will be applicable when dues are 10 days past due on the date of monthly or annual renewal. I agree that under any circumstance DUES AND FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.

Violations of any of these Rules are subject to penalties including loss of membership. I agree to notify OC Realtist of any change in status, name, address, phone, fax or office. I understand that by providing my email address, telephone number(s), and fax number(s), I consent to receive communications from the Association, it state and national chapter and any of its affiliate partners.