OC Realtist Affiliates

Our National Affiliates…

Homeownership Education Counseling – NID
The purpose of the organization is to provide education, training and support to its’ members in the home buying process.

NAREB Investment Division – NID
The NAREB Investment Division was charged with identifying additional revenue generating initiatives that may otherwise be considered outside the typical scope of NAREB activities. The investment division examines alternative investments vehicles and often functions as the research and development division for initiatives that may later become primary focus areas for the association.

For more information on the Investment Division visit www.nidonline.org

National Society of Real Estate Appraisers, Inc.
The purpose of this society is:

  • To formulate rules of ethics and professional conduct and enforce these rules for the benefit of members and those desirous of joining the society
  • To examine carefully all applications for membership, conduct examinations in all major subjects and directly associated with real estate appraising and its related fields through the national office of the society
  • Award professional designations to successful applicants upon completion of a prescribed course of study and final examination of:
    • Master Real Estate Appraisers (MREA)
    • Senior Member(CRA)
    • Residential Appraiser (RA)
  • To provide equal opportunity and give direction to all interested men and women
  • To exchange ideas and advance the profession of real property valuation through education and experience
  • To encourage each member to preserve and increase their competency as an appraiser

For more information on the National Society of Real Estate Appraisers, Inc. send email to: www.nsrea.org.

Real Estate Management Brokers Institute (REMBI)
The Real Estate Management Institute (REMBI) is comprised of real estate professionals whose day-to-day focus is property management. The mission of REMBI is:

  • To unite those “REALTIST” specializing in the management of income producing properties in order to enhance and better the professional real estate manager
  • To train candidates for membership and provide educational training seminars for upgrading and specialization of the real estate management profession through the use of and dissemination of educational materials, paraphernalia, seminars, lectures, and any other means as it may deem proper
  • To license and certify it’s members the right to use the terms or symbols:
    • Certified Real Estate Manager or “C.R.E.M.”
    • Certified Resident manager or “C.R.M.”
    • Accredited Real Estate Management Organization or “A.R.E.M.O.”

For more information on the Real Estate Management Brokers Institute (REMBI) www.rembi.org

Sales Division
The primary purpose of the Sales Division is to assist in the professional development of real estate sales professionals. This is accomplished through a series of activities including:

  • The design and implementation of training courses and materials, including Continuing Education courses
  • Review and updating of the Residential Sales Specialist course
  • Creation and maintenance of a referral directory for all NAREB members
  • Designing a relocation program and other value added services for NAREB members

Young REALTIST Division
The Young REALTIST Division was organized to assist NAREB in membership recruitment and development through their efforts to:

  • Provide information and encourage college students to join the real estate industry
  • Provide membership orientation to new members
  • Encourage participation in all conference events
  • Make referrals to other affiliates

Women’s Council of NAREB
The Women’s Council of NAREB mission is to evaluate the standards of women in the real estate industry by encouraging leadership, education and the exchange of information through group learning techniques; and to provide the opportunity for women to increase their knowledge and expertise of all facets of the real estate professional. Announcements Customers and visitors like to know about new products or services that you offer or plan to offer.

You can also highlight an upcoming event, company award, or changes in staff, such as hiring a new employee.