Happy New Year Realtist and May God bless you in 2014

January 5, 2014,

Happy New Year Realtist and May God bless you in 2014 with great health and prosperity.  I want to first congratulate our Board of Directors for investing their time and talents to lead us in 2013.  It is a tremendous investment in time and it is a job.  I am honored to serve again as your President (by default) since no one has stepped up to take on the role.  As the Founding President of the Chapter I feel a great sense of obligation to support the chapter for the rest of my career in real estate.  I am confident that we will have a new President to take over my role by 2015.  As they say in the entertainment business, “the show must go on,” and so it will.

There are many projects and a great deal of work to be done in 2014, but I am excited about the growth that we are going to experience this year, and in our future as a chapter.  The OC Realtist business plan and financial forecast are completed and are available to view online for our members.   Please take the time to review it and join us by teleconference on January 8th to hear the full presentation.  The details of the conference and online meeting are on the event section of the OC Realtist website.  There are five very important events that occur every year and I want to make sure that every member and director is making plans now to attend and support these events.  The first is our 1st quarter Prayer Breakfast for 2014, which will be held on Wednesday, January 15th.  Please make every effort to attend this event, as it is one of the signature events of our Chapter, and it is how we start the year off every year.  We are unashamedly a spiritually based organization, and we embrace people of all faiths and religions as well as ethnicity, race, gender and sexual orientation.

The second event of the year is our Black History Celebration and Luncheon.  We are combining the Celebration of African-American People and their contributions to the world with the celebration of our third year as a chapter of NAREB.  This event will be a membership drive as well as an opportunity to recognize the contributions of our members and leaders for their service in 2013.  This is a very important event, and your presence would be greatly appreciated.  The date of the event is February 14th.  All the details of this event will be finalized by January 10th, at which point you will be able to register online.  Please go to the website at www.ocrealtist.org.

Our third event is the NAREB mid-winter conference that is held every year in the 1st Quarter.  This year the event is from February 17th to the 22nd, in Las Vegas, Nevada at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa, and is another great opportunity to learn and grow your business.  Mid-winter is a National event and is a precursor to our National Convention held in August of every year.  In attendance will be Asset management companies, banks, business/personal coaches, tech companies, and many other entities that represent unique opportunities to grow your business.  Please go to www.NAREB.com and register for the event.

Our Fourth event is the National Convention that is held every year in the summer.  This year the event will be in Baltimore, Maryland.  The date and details should be on the National website very soon, so please keep checking www.nareb.com so that you can register early for the event.  Early registration always provides great discounts for hotel and registration to the National Convention.  Keep in mind that the networking opportunities at the National Conference are always great.  Meeting people from all over the country is always an encouraging and a motivating experience.  Building relationships with them and sharing ideas are the most rewarding activities of the conference, and can have positive long- term benefits.  It is truly a national conference.

In addition to our major events we will have monthly educational events/workshops on Saturdays.  Our workshop focus this year is on technology, and we are very excited to have Ray Warda working with us to bring technology and HUD training for 2014.  Please see the event calendar for all the details.  We will also be partnering up with the OC Black Chamber, the OC NAACP, 100 BMOC and local Black Churches in the OC to provide homebuyer education and other community outreach activities.  We have a lot to do in 2014 and I am depending on every Realtist to do their part to make a difference in our chapter and our community.   This year I am committed and inspired to make the Orange County Chapter a strong chapter that is providing value to its members, and a chapter that is respected by our national and local chapter leadership.  We do not have to be the largest chapter, but we should strive to be viewed as an important source of information and opportunity for our members and the community in 2014.

2014 is our year.  As your President I will ensure that the board members are actively engaged and managing to the 2014 goals.  We as board members must continue to help our Chapter grow, we must be engaged, and we must meet the needs of the community in 2014.  We also must provide education and support for our members in order to retain their membership year after year.  To achieve these mandates and to pay for everything are challenging propositions.  The solution is corporate sponsorship and support.  To get sponsorship we must grow.  It is that simple, and it is the primary job of every board member.  An investment in the OC Realtist must be viewed as an excellent business opportunity for our corporate sponsors, whoever they might be.  The opportunities for sponsorship are enormous.  There are many businesses that would like to do business with the OC Realtist.  Our goal in 2014 is to provide value to our corporate partners by growing, so that we can obtain their engagement and support.  Let’s work together to make sure our financial partners are willing to continue their support.

Please make every effort to attend all of our events in 2014 and encourage others to participate.  Please plan to attend the mid-winter conference and the National Conference this year.  You will not regret it.  Finally, please embrace the Realtist Spirit and help make 2014 a year of monumental change and growth, both for our chapter and each Realtist individually.

May God Bless you and Keep you in 2014.