We Do Mind

February 8, 2015,

R&B singer Usher Raymond and rap icon Juicy J release disturbing message.

Irvine, CA (February 5, 2015) In a recent song composed by R&B singer Usher Raymond and Rap Icon Juicy J, I Don’t Mind, as a community, we have heard a disturbing message. The iconic duo, voiced their beliefs that it is morally proper for a woman to dance on a pole to support her lifestyle.  This is an alarming message we must address from an ethical perspective with a resistant stance.  Did you know the average age of a young girl forced into sex trafficking is 12-14 years old?  Did you also know few young girls escape the harsh sting of sexual degradation?

We must face this unsettling reality.  We must not leave our women subject to sexual customs of mainstream media, nor our mothers and sisters subject to degrading insults from unprincipled men and woman.  Our women are the divine essence of God—fearfully and wonderfully made.  The truth is we can serve as agents of change.  As men and women of valor, integrity and love, we have a voice to speak out against the objectification of women wherever we find it.  In closing, Usher unashamedly says, “I Don’t Mind.”  With the same sense of fearlessness, we boldly say, “We Do Mind.”
We do mind a woman dancing on a pole for money.  We do mind a woman insulted by perversion.  WE DO MIND—therefore, we stand against Usher’s message. We are asking all radio stations to stop playing this degrading song immediately. We are asking all record stores, department stores, big box retail stores, and internet companies to stop the selling the song immediately. Stop, stop, stop…..WE DO MIND!

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